Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review:When Colors Bleed by Estevan Vega

When Colors Bleed
   By Estevan Vega

Release Date: March 4, 2011

Format: Kindle Edition
Source: Author

DescriptionWHEN COLORS BLEED is a short story collection that features three unique colors: love, loss, and regret. Both palpable and haunting, each story is a glimpse into human frailty and desperation.


Casey never had any luck with men, even though she was employed by one of the finest clothing stores in New England and saw attractive, “sure kinds” strolling through her section every day like clockwork. At twenty-three years old, she has given up on her dreams of the spotlight, of finding love, and of ever getting out of the small town she reluctantly calls home. But one rainy afternoon, Thomas Rayford, a very unusual and kind stranger, stumbles into her life looking for an odd, baby blue suit. One thing is certain: Casey, the twenty-three-year-old dreamer stuck in a line, will never be the same.


From his cold hell in Block C, a nameless man unfolds this twisted tale. This is the story of a man who becomes something else. A man who had a father once. A man who loved once. “They want to know why. They want a reason,” he confesses. “But nobody likes the reasons. They’re like unwanted children or cancers with no cure. A reason is a justification, an excuse so we can’t be blamed. But I know what it is I’ve done, and there is no reason that can take it back.” So begins Vanilla Red, a confession, a story, a prayer, or perhaps a drip of dark truth in the batter of humanity. Take a look inside and tell me what color you see.


Colin awakens in a room, jittery, afraid, and confused. He knows not how he got here, who brought him, or why. And the only thing waiting for him is a hot cup of coffee and a seemingly flawless room that bleeds colors. As an architect, he understands that no room is perfect, but somehow this anomaly has crawled through the cracks and pushed the limits of perfection. No seams. No lines. No windows. Enter a bald man in a suit. Once he steps through the door, he makes the colors disappear with the push of button. His name is Jack, and he claims to be a friend. Still unsure of anything, Colin wages war with his mind, with a dark truth he isn’t ready to accept, and with Jack. In the moments that follow, Jack asks Colin a series of questions, questions that will reveal the where, the how, and the why of his arrival.

My thoughts: I was asked by Estevan Vega to review this collection of short stories and seeming how I loved his book Arson I felt honored to do so . The first story Baby Blue gave me such a lump in my throat. It tells you the story of a unique relationship developed over a suit but the end is so very heartbreaking. The characters made me realize that even someone you meet in such a short time can change your life forever and you shouldn't be afraid to take chances. My heart broke for Casey in the end. Then we move on to the second story Vanilla Red which is total opposite storyline and quite might I say creepy. It takes you into the mind of a guy who has murdered a woman. Let me tell you his mind is a mess but makes you think ,do alot of other murderers think like him. I was at loss for words after reading that story but not in a bad way. The Man in the Colored Room was the last of the stories and kind of surprising at the end. All the stories have similar themes like loss,hurt,and rethinking themselves. Estevan did such an amazing job making them very realistic and making you want to know more about their stories. I can not wait to read more of Estevan Vega's work. What an amazing storyteller....

Friday, February 11, 2011

Review: Glory by Devin O'Branagan

Description: Glory Templeton's blood holds the cure for a deadly pandemic-plague and a vampire, an angel, and a witch are assigned to be her bodyguards. The legend of Glory begins...

Review: To say the least for being a book of only 210 pages Devin has packed this book with so many details that keep you turning page after page until you are finished. The main character Glory is a girl who the whole world depends on for a cure to a plague that has killed her father and is killing others.She is assigned to three very different people to keep her safe and get her to where she needs to be and eventually she develops feelings for two of them. Zane is an amazingly sexy cowboy who just so happens to be .... yes you guessed it a vampire. Then there is Dominic who at the begining is a very intense guy. He's an angel who is not impressed by the humans and the way they live but eventually finds his way. Kaia is a witch who has psychic sight and of course Glory's dog Hallie who belonged to her dad. These three amazingly different characters were sent to protect Glory because her task of getting her cure to the right people isn't easy when there are people who are trying to stop her and will do anything to stop them from finding the people Glory needs to find. All together this book is fun with a bit of sexiness(which I enjoyed) and thrill . It keeps you on edge wondering if they all make it and what happens next. I can't wait to read more.
     This book was amazing and I would tell anyone they should pick it up and give it a go. Devin has such a talent for taking you places you have never thought to go through her words. She has found herself a spot as one of my favorite authors. You can check out more on the story of Glory and the other amazing characters at .

Friday, January 28, 2011

Review: Witch Hunt By Devin O'Branagan

Published: October 24th 2010 by Cornucopia Creations Ltd (first published 1990)

Description: Leigh has been married to a Hawthorne for a decade, but never knew the family secret: the Hawthornes are witches. When the dynamic Preacher Cody instigates a new, world-wide witch hunt, Leigh must choose sides. Will she stand with her husband and children, or will she run? This isn't the first witch hunt the Hawthornes have faced, but it could be their last. Will anyone survive?

A classic novel, updated for the 21st Century!

Review: This book is I must say an emotional amazing journey of keeping the family line going without losing their roots along the way.It is a 21st century story with all the history to go along with it. The Hawthorne's are a long line of old blood witches whom have always found themselves being judged for their beliefs and practices. I really enjoyed the way Devin showed us the story of their ancestors from 1692 and the Salem Witch Trails, as well as 1840 and again showing us the life of the Hawthorne's in 1858,1895,1941, and present day. The characters in Witch Hunt are so very original that you can not help but want to know more about them and their life.
           Take for instance Leigh Hawthorne who came into the whole witch situation blind and had to make a choice whether to side with her husband's family and her children who bear the gifts of witchery or with the prejudice Preacher Cody who would like nothing more then to persecute the whole entire Hawthorne clan. I have to say this is a very emotional story as well as a story you can walk away from knowing you took along with you some very valuable life lessons. In every era we have people who do nothing but judge and look down upon people whether it be because of religion, money, or the way you look. This story shows us the greatest gift you can have or give is love. I really hope Devin will give us more on Leigh and her families life after everything that happened at the end as well as the lives of the ancestors. I would recommend this book to anyone who not only has an interest in witches but as well as someone who enjoys an exciting journey. I could imagine myself as being so many of these characters and to me a great book I have to be able to put myself in.
  Check out the site for the book @ 

I give this book a 5 star rating and I WILL be reading this book again!