Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: Million Little Mistakes By Heather McElhatton

. Published: August 1st 2010 by Harper Paperbacks

Details:Paperback, 400 pages

Description:Congratulations—You just won $22 million in the Lottery! So what happens next?

       In Heather McElhatton's second do-over novel, Million Little Mistakes, you win $22 million in the lottery. Given the chance to live like a millionaire, you could realize all your dreams or learn that money only causes more problems. It all depends on the choices you make . . .
          Should you keep your day job? Stay in your relationship? Save an endangered species? Have a debauched weekend on Sex Island? Buy an aristocrat's life on eBay or pay off all your family's debt? Should you climb Mount Everest, trek the remote jungles of China, book passage on a luxury cruise, or become an infamous Voodoo priestess? Is your destiny to become a philanthropist, a pharmaceutical tycoon, a happy homemaker, or a burlesque stripper? Be careful. Your fortune could be lost in a Ponzi scheme; your wildest fantasy may bring you total bliss or lead you to a run-in with extortionists who try to kill you.
            There are hundreds of possible adventures sown inside Million Little Mistakes. Some lives end fabulously while others in utter disaster, so choose wisely. You can buy a lot with $22 million, but can you buy a happy ending?

Cover Review: The cover is very colorful , are are the many ventures through out the book.
Very pretty and a noticable cover.
Review: I have never read a choose your own adventure book before this one. I was on vacation during labor day weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a wedding and the night I got there I was bummed out not getting to go to concert nearby so I take my children swimming and low and behold who is there as well .... Yes it was Heather McElhatton herself and she was so very polite talked to my children and all. After I put them to bed so I can go hang out in the hot tub me and her talked. She told me about her book and gave me a copy for review so here I go :
     Like I said I have never read a choose your own adventure book before this one so I had no idea what to expect. It starts you win 22 million dollars and the first choices are do you keep your job or quit and naturally being me I kept working. The more I worked my way through my chosen paths and found happiness. I mean hell who wouldn't want to end up in life with your own restaurant and vineyard  as well as your love that has went through it all with you! Atleast for my first adventure I didn't end up dead like I did the next time I went to chosing how my story would unfold.
     I would say I loved this book. It was fun and a bit of a make you think kind of book to read. I liked that about it. Thank You Heather for being so kind when I met you and writing such a great book. I look forward to reading more of her work!!!!
I gave this book 5 stars because it was just that good!!!!!!
Readers note: This is an adult choose your own adventure book~~~

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